PM/Marketing Consulting

Having enjoyed numerous successes within full-time roles in the corporate world, I wanted to pass along what I learned to other companies to help them achieve higher levels of success, improve processes and create high-performing work environments.

I offer business consulting services that help companies take things to the next level and improve across the board. The following information highlights the services that I offer, as well as how to contact me about setting up a time to chat about how I can help you.

My services that get results:

  • Corporate Strategy – building upon a companies existing product portfolio, enhance and extend total available market by defining a larger strategy with a higher value
  • Product Strategy – transforming “long in the tooth” products to enter new markets, identifying key persona and product positioning and building new products and service offers from the outside in with a customer experience focus
  • Resell, OEM, and Acquisition – identify key feature and capability gaps, and evaluate alternative approaches to technology and customer acquisition, perform due diligence for VC and PE transactions.
  • Competitive and Market Intelligence – analyze and contrast existing products,  offers to alternatives in the market and customer interviews
  • Corporate Branding and Identity  – transform “who we are” in companies looking to make a product or market pivot
  • Go to Market – assess current routes to market, success metrics, marketing and sales assets and identify changes needed and build assets
  • Channel and Technology Partner Business Development – jointly create channel and technology partner strategy and execute specific engagements to increase ecosystem coverage and expand revenue growth outside of direct sales.
  • Strategic Partner, Investment and Exit Adviser – help companies pick the right partner to do business with, advise on working with large companies investing in your company and identification of target acquirer

My love of product management and marketing can help you build the right corporate identity, as well as the right product, for the right customer, with the right value chain resulting in superior stakeholder value and exit.

Sample clients:

Interested in exploring this for your Product Management teams, Marketing teams or your executives/board?  Contact me via Linkedin.