Managing the Anchor Product Line


While I was talking to one of my clients about the dearth of deep product management guides for managing the complexity of the whole product,  he suggest that there is a real need for a book on how to manage what I call here the ANCHOR PRODUCT.  This is the product an organization has developed over time, which is providing the lion’s share of the current revenue and the basis for the success for the brand and the organization.  It is the product in the portfolio that pays everyone’s salary and drives the basis of the valuation of the organization.   It is also the product that may not be the coolest anymore.  It may not have the latest software architecture,  language, delivery model or future hype.   It may be growing 10 to 40% a year of extremely high margins.   Product Managing that product is a specialty in product management all to itself.   You already have hundreds of customers,  thousands of features and millions of revenue.  It may be your first product management assignment, or one you have been rotated into.   Managing the Anchor Product, which some might call the organizational legacy product is a skill set that you will need, one that hits on all aspects of product management.   Nailing this challenge can help you whether you are in a startup or an established top 6 software vendor.

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