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About the Author – Wayne Greene

I was born in Queens, New York and raised twenty miles north on what was considered the poorer side of the Hudson River. My hardworking father juggled a variety of professions (taxi cab driver, dry cleaning business owner and ultimately white collar office work organizing shipping globally for an automotive spare parts import/export). My mother worked in administration at the local hospital and eventually as a mid-level manager in the Department of Social Services.

The suburbs were where many second generation immigrants relocated so that their children could grow up outside of the big city and have the experience of trees in their backyard.  At one point, my father and mother each worked two jobs to get us by and to move to that tract home in the suburbs. To allow them to do this, my live-in grandmother raised both myself and my brother. Boy Scouts, bowling, golf, math league and student council filled my high school days and summer breaks.  I started programming in basic in high school along with FORTRAN on IBM index cards at the local community college.

I set my sights on making the grades and having the extra-curricular activities to get into a distinguished college. My chosen major was Chemical Engineering, as I was toying with becoming a medical doctor, and Chemical Engineering majors had one of the highest acceptance rates into medical school at that time.

My story was a very typical one, where the next generation kids were taught “new math” and in most cases we were on our own when it came to schoolwork.   The world was indeed a changing place as the beginning of the computer age was upon us.

Over time, I decided against medicine in favor of engineering and the business side. I invite you to join me as I detail the rest of my journey and offer insight and advice into the professional world From Chemistry to Clouds.

I am currently the head of marketing at ReleaseIQ.io, an innovative startup in the DevOps automation space.  

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