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Thought Leadership & Cloud Automation

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A Cloudy Day in Hollywood

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Superheroes of the Cloud Part One: Differentiate Your Company through a Proactive Philosophy

Don’t Fear the Cloud Workshop (Part 4 of a 4 part series “Who moved the IT cheese while I was getting production back up?”)

Your Cloud Journey and Roadmap with Intelligent Automation for Cloud (Part 3 of a 4 part series “Who moved the IT cheese while I was getting production back up?”)

How Agile is your Cloud? (Part 2 of a 4 part series “Who moved the IT cheese while I was getting production back up?”)

The End of Big IT Architecture (Part 1 of a 4 part series “Who moved the IT cheese while I was getting production back up?”)

Unleash your Automation for Cloud (Easier than you Think)

Cisco Live Update on Intelligent Automation for Cloud – The Journey and How Cisco Partners Help IT Shops Get to Cloud

Can it be Self Service without Automation?

The not so hidden war: Private versus Public Cloud…

What makes Cisco’s Intelligent Automation so Intelligent?

Begin your Journey to the Cloud with Cisco’s Cloud Starter Edition

Cloud Owner Manifesto: 12 Habits of Successful Cloud Builders

Five Things That Successful Cloud Deployments Have in Common

Critical Path and “What if?” Analytics for Enterprise Job Scheduling – get your Big Data in the right place before you make a resume impacting decision

Prediction for 2nd half of 2012: Infrastructure as a Service deployments expand to include IT as a Service

They want a cloud real fast, just not sure what exactly it should look like or how it should function…..

Cisco Cloudverse, Hypervisors, Partners and Real Cloud Deployments

The Secret is Now Out: You Can Simplify Cloud Deployments with Cisco Unified Management

Reflections on the Cloud Expo in Silicon Valley and How Do I Know My Apps are Working in the Cloud?

Where were the application clouds when I needed them…..

What provisioning the Cloud infrastructure and cooking have in common…

Big Data, Enterprise Job Scheduling & SAP

Announcing Cisco Workload Automation for Big Data

Workload Automation, The Next Generation

SAP and Cisco Intelligent Automation (CHECK); Manual Processes (ZERO)

Tale of Three Cities: Report on Cisco’s Tidal Enterprise Scheduler User Groups

Return on Big Data – How Workload Automation Plays a Key Role

The Latest Release of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler – Workload Automation for Global Organizations

Workload Automation, Job Scheduling, Applications and the Move to Cloud

Network Automation

IP Address Management and the Cloud: Cisco IAC now integrates with Cisco Prime for Service Providers and Enterprise

Network Operations Automation for Any Location, Any Application, Any Scale

Partner Integrations

Financial Management for the Enterprise Cloud